Civil Mediation

As experienced accredited mediators, we help people resolve disputes outside of court.

We facilitate mediated solutions for a range of issues, such as: boundary disputes; problems with neighbours; building disputes; disagreements about contracts; and disputed Wills and Inheritance Act disputes between former cohabiting partners.

Choosing civil mediation empowers all parties involved; court can be impersonal with judgements imposed. Our role as mediators is to make sure that everyone in the dispute is involved in creating a satisfactory resolution.

We remain neutral throughout the whole process, so that you completely trust our objectivity. We are highly skilled at helping all parties in a dispute calmly vocalise the issue, share the facts, and then create a satisfactory solution.

As lawyers, we provide an element of realism in to the proposed solutions. We use our legal knowledge to ensure that the resolutions reached in our mediation sessions meet what is required legally and what will be approved by a judge, if necessary. We ensure that we make the law work for everyone.

Civil Mediation Team

Shaun Underhill, Senior Partner

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