Collaborative Family Law

We are a team of skilful, sensitive and effective collaborative family lawyers who can help you resolve differences following the breakdown of a relationship.

The collaborative process involves each person nominating a lawyer and negotiation taking place via meetings with the couple and their lawyers present. Both sides agree that they will not commence any court proceedings whilst the process is ongoing. In the meetings you work with your family lawyer to negotiate and discuss difficult issues face-to-face.

The huge advantages are that the timetable for any meetings can be designed around your family and are not set by anyone else, you will negotiate in a relaxed office environment as opposed to the corridors of a court building, and the cost of the process is invariably cheaper than legal proceedings.

Collaborative Family Law is not appropriate in all situations. We can advise you on whether it is the best option for you and your situation; we are here to make the law work for you.

Collaborative Family Law Team

Shaun Underhill, Senior Partner

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