Criminal Law

We represent clients who are accused of committing a criminal offence and find themselves in the bewildering world of the Criminal Justice System.

We always involve our clients in the strategy of their case, empowering you to help with decisions on evidence and how everything will be presented in court.
We are thorough. As well as preparing our clients’ cases, we often uncover new evidence. We may talk to witnesses, visit locations, and instruct private detectives to ensure that all lines of enquiry have been followed. You can have peace of mind that we will leave no stone unturned.

Practical and realistic, we always advise you on the possible outcomes; our intimate knowledge of the local and regional courts and how they operate often proves invaluable. We always manage our clients’ expectations against the reality of their situation.

As a highly experienced team, we’ve worked with cases brought by many different prosecuting bodies; including the Crown Prosecution Service, Health and Safety Executive, RSPCA and local Council. We also specialise in appealing wrongful convictions by taking a fresh look at the evidence and challenging decisions made at trial.

Criminal Law Team

Chloe Jay, Partner

Winner of the Law Society of England and Wales Excellence Award for Solicitor of the Year 2020

Harriet Parker, Solicitor, Team Co-ordinator
Alex Chessum, Solicitor Advocate
Rowanne Gillespie, Paralegal
Rachel Coombes, Legal Secretary

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