Family Mediation

Going to court can be a costly, stressful, and deeply impersonal experience. As accredited family mediators, we offer highly skilled mediation to people who wish to resolve their differences in an empowering, voluntary and confidential way.

As Family Mediators, we offer you a safe and neutral approach to resolving family disputes. We are completely objective, helping everyone involved to suggest different options for conflict resolution.

Many people who choose family mediation often have the needs and wishes of vulnerable family members to consider – whether children or older relatives. Our experienced, sensitive and professional approach to mediation always reassures the disputing parties that we can help them find and agree a way forward, even in emotionally charged situations.

As mediators, we do not tell you what to do but help you all find solutions. Once solutions have been reached, they then need to be drawn up as legally binding agreements or a court order. Our extensive legal experience as lawyers allows us to bring a level of reality and practicality to agreements reached in the mediation room – we know what can be made legally binding and what can’t. The clients we mediate for find this highly reassuring as all parties know that what they then agree is making the law work for them.

Family Mediation Team

Shaun Underhill, Senior Partner

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