Commercial Sales or Purchases

When it comes to acquiring or selling businesses, assets, and shares, our clients need to get it right.

Using our extensive law experience, we advise our clients on how to structure and approach transactions so that the law works for them.

Our clients trust us to reduce the risks to them as buyers or sellers, because we provide that knowledgeable scrutiny that notices what others miss and understand the implications of it. You need to know and understand exactly the nature and terms of the legally binding agreement you are signing, so you can accurately assess the value of it to you; we give you that knowledge.

We can also represent you at the negotiating table, actively working with your accountants to ensure that you get the best possible business outcome. We are objective, calm and clear-headed negotiators, able to see all elements and ensure that any agreed outcome meets your needs.

When it comes to acquisitions or sales, we can make the law work for you.

Sales or Purchases Team

Shaun Underhill, Senior Partner
Lucy Spollin, Partner
Patrick Hunter, Solicitor
Mary Torrance, Legal Secretary
Sue Wheeler, Legal Secretary

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