Court visit required to give clarity to will
Wills & Probate

When a will is drafted with the intention that the distribution of assets will change in the event of changing circumstances, it is essential that the relevant clauses are absolutely clear in order to prevent confusion, as a recent case shows.

The ambiguous wording of a will led to an executor having to attend court to get a decision on whether the estate of a woman who died in 1973 that had since been held in trust would pass to the daughter of her best friend or to the beneficiaries of her own son, who died without children in 2014.

In order to make sure your estate passes to your intended beneficiaries, it is advisable to have your will properly drafted by a solicitor, rather than by an unqualified will writer. It is not widely known that will-writing is not a regulated activity, and failing to take high-quality professional advice can be a crucial mistake.