Rachael Cole

Warm, supportive and highly professional, Rachael is a practical solicitor who gives her clients clear advice when they most need it.

Her clients include people who are: divorcing; experiencing domestic abuse; having mental health and/ or substance misuse issues for a variety of reasons; engaged in disputes involving children; engaged in disputes involving their landlord, tenant, or local authority.

Rachael gets her clients to focus on the real issues and cut out the “clutter” that can hide these issues. That way, she really gets to understand their case and achieve the best result possible for them.

She has been in law for over 10 years and has built up some formidable experience. She has worked on many cases involving evasive and hostile parties, or people who are in a very vulnerable state, achieving outcomes for them that they felt they would never achieve.

Rachael is a member of Resolution and has completed the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation.

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Rachael Cole