Alex Chessum

Thorough, honest, and pragmatic, Alex looks at all avenues for her clients and identifies difficulties early on. This means she gives her clients very realistic assessments of their situation, rather than pedalling false hopes.

With over 15 years’ legal experience, she has successfully advised clients in police investigations, prepared cases for trial, and worked on a range of cases including robbery, rape, arson, murder and GBH. She has also built up a formidable knowledge and understanding of Road Traffic Offences, helping many clients whose cases are not as clear-cut as they seem.

Alex regards her role as helping her clients be fully prepared for the course of action they choose, knowing what it will involve. She is there to argue the difficult points on their behalf and provide advice, so they can choose their options with full knowledge of possible outcomes.

She began her career as a paralegal in London and moved to Sonn Macmillan Walker, London where she qualified as a solicitor gaining experience in serious Crown Court cases and Magistrates Court trial advocacy. She moved to a Winchester firm in 2011 and joined Shentons in September 2016.

Alex has qualified as a Higher Rights Advocate, meaning that she can advocate for clients in all levels of court, including the Crown Court and the Royal Courts of Justice, wearing the traditional wig and gown that is normally worn only by barristers.

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