Shaun Underhill

Realistic, objective, to the point, Shaun is valued by his clients for his honest counsel and outcome driven approach. He qualified as a solicitor over 30 years ago and his experience shows; he helps his clients look at their case from an objective, long-term view, advising them on the best options to achieve a sound end result.

As a top civil and family Litigator, Shaun sees no point in his clients wasting money, time and emotional energy fighting a battle they might not win or chasing an esoteric point of law for very little return in the long run. However, when litigation is required, he expertly and robustly plans and presents cases on behalf of his clients.

This attitude, combined with his formidable knowledge of the law, and his roles outside Shentons, makes him a highly effective civil and family mediator. Shaun helps businesses, families and individuals achieve successfully mediated outcomes, ensuring they avoid the stress, costs and uncertainty of court action.

Shaun regularly advises clients on the financial and children issues following their separation, divorce, or dissolution of their relationship.

A few examples of Shaun’s recent cases include:
• successfully representing at negotiation the executors of an estate facing claims by disaffected family members, therefore avoiding prolonged court action;
• securing reasonable financial provision for an unmarried partner out of the estate of her deceased partner, who had died intestate;
• acting in the Court of Protection to secure the financial well-being of an individual without mental capacity, who was being financially abused by her family;
• securing a favourable share purchase buy back for a group of companies who were in an intricate negotiation with a disgruntled shareholder;
• suing a firm of solicitors who had negligently failed to advise the client on various rights, covenants and easements affecting the property they had bought, which had devalued their property.

Shaun sits as a Deputy District Judge (civil and family) on the western circuit. He is a member of Resolution.

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