Tangiwai Candy

Approachable and experienced, Tangiwai became a solicitor in 2005, working in Childrens law for 15 years, acting for parents in both public and private law proceedings and advising on international adoption cases acting for an adoption agency. 

During a career break to care for her daughter who has Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, Tangiwai went through the process of applying for an EHCP to allow her daughter to get the support she needed as she started school. This sparked an interest in Special Educational Needs law as she had seen the process from the perspective of a parent and was now keen to view the area from the perspective of a Solicitor. She independently took on legal courses about SEN, the EHCP process and Learning Disabilities.

Tangiwai joined our Special Educational Needs team in early 2023 as a paralegal, quickly advancing to renewing her practicing certificate and becoming a Solicitor again. She works collaboratively with Hannah and Veronika to provide a bespoke service to every client.

Tangiwai is a member of the Williams Syndrome Foundation, a charity which has supported individuals and their families since 1980.

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