Patrick Hunter

Experienced, unflappable, and a great communicator, Patrick is trusted by his clients to advise and act for them on matters relating to Probate, Property and Commercial Law. He has an excellent technical knowledge and understanding of the law and, crucially, how to apply it. He makes the law work for the situations his clients present him with.

His clients value his wide-ranging experience combined with attention to detail. They return to Patrick again and again to advise them on different legal matters, confident he can help them.

Patrick also excels at untangling complex cases, which may span across different areas of law. He patiently unpicks what has happened, how all the different elements of the law are coming into play, and deciphers a way forward; giving his clients clear updates and options at each stage.

Patrick was an Environmental Archaeologist for almost 15 years. He is a consultant for UK police forces, using his archaeological knowledge and sharp observational skills to examine human remains and identify the most likely cause of death.

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