Mediation and Collaboration

These are alternatives to court proceedings in resolving a dispute.

Every person and situation is different. We take the time to understand you and help you determine if a non-court option will achieve the best outcome for you. Your “best outcome” always involves a range of considerations, including health, well-being, costs, time, and the final resolution of the dispute. 

As mediators, we do not tell you what to do but help you all find solutions. We remain neutral throughout the whole process, so that you completely trust our objectivity. We are highly skilled at helping all parties in a dispute calmly vocalise the issue, share the facts, and then create a satisfactory solution. 

If you pursue the collaborative law option, then you, the other people, and your lawyers will meet around a table. We then all focus on achieving a fair outcome, in a constructive and non-confrontational manner.

For further information see ‘Non-court Options’ above.

Mediation and Collaboration Team

Shaun Underhill, Partner
Veronika Kiss, Paralegal
Jenni Radford, Legal Secretary


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