Road Traffic Offences

We understand that for our clients the potential loss of a driving licence can be life-changing.
You need the reassurance that your case is being dealt with by a highly experienced team who have in depth knowledge of road traffic legislation.

Our calm, expert team of lawyers always ensure you know what the process is, involving you in the preparation of the case, and helping you manage associated costs.

We will give you realistic advice as to whether you can avoid disqualification, and if so, what evidence we need to present to the Court. We instruct toxicologists, collision experts and CCTV analysts to cast a different perspective on the prosecution evidence.

Whether you need assistance with completing a form or whether you are facing a custodial sentence, we are here to help you through the process in whatever way we can.

Our aim is to achieve the best outcome for you in your situation and to make sure that the law works for you.

Road Traffic Offences Team

Chloe Jay, Partner
Winner of the Law Society of England and Wales Excellence Award for Solicitor of the Year 2020
Harriet Parker, Partner
Alex Chessum, Solicitor Advocate
Felicity Joslin, Solicitor
Rachel Coombes, Solicitor
Rowanne Gillespie, Police Station Representative

Lucy Blue, Police Station Representative & Legal Assistant
Shae Brown, Legal Assistant