All of our clients have different reasons for needing an expert in Family Law; we always start with you and find out about your particular circumstances.

As highly experienced family lawyers who are sensitive and clear communicators, we then work with you to create a legal strategy that will deliver the best possible outcome for you.

This approach might include non-court options, such as mediation or collaborative law. It may include representing you in negotiations or indeed in court proceedings. We advise you on the best option for you.

Many of our clients are experiencing relationship and family breakdowns. We know how stressful and difficult this can be. Our calm, considered, professional approach provides you with the insightful advice you need.

Some of our clients are at the beginning of committed relationships. We give them the peace of mind that pre-marital, post marital or cohabitation agreements can provide.

Whether it’s ending a marriage or civil partnership, child care disputes, arrangements for children, parental responsibility agreements, rights for grandparents, involvement of Children’s Services or other family law matters, we can help.

We know family law and we know how we can make it work for you.

Family Team

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