Special Educational Needs

If you are the parent of a child or young person (up to the age of 25) with Special Educational Needs, you may find yourselves feeling confused about how to get their needs met and what rights you and your child have. Trying to navigate these processes can be lonely and stressful.

Our experienced team can advise and represent you at every stage of the process. We know that every family has unique needs, and we tailor our approach to fit with you. We can assist with a wide range of issues, from assisting in the identification of your child’s needs to representing your family at the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Tribunal if those needs are not being met.

Issues can arise at any stage of the process, and we feel it is crucial that parents understand the law regarding their child’s special educational needs so that they are in a position to advocate for them.

We feel passionately about ensuring children and young people with Special Educational Needs have the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential, whatever that may be.

Our team has extensive experience both personally and professionally in cases involving extremely complex education, health and social care issues. We know SEN law and we can make the law work for you.

Special Educational Needs Team